ARALANDIA crane assignment in the Wuppertal Grünen Zoo

Difficult conditions on the hills with large tree density

The Wuppertal Grüner Zoo carried out its largest project to date with ARALANDIA: a free-flight aviary of almost 1,100 m² and, in some places, up to 10 metres high, which now provides a new home for large Macaws, Parakeets, Flamingos and Pudus. The centrepiece of the object is an unusual arch construction with steel arches, some of which are over 30 metres long.

Our colleagues from the crane division were allowed to participate in the construction of the new ARALANDIA over a 3-month period. The start of the first construction phase included unloading the material to be built by utilising one of our 50-ton vehicles.

In a second step, two of our experienced crane operators worked successfully hand in hand, as is usual practice, assembling the footbridge with the help of one 50 and one 80-ton crane and then lifting the finished object together into the construction area. The load involved was about 10 tons with a 30-metre outreach and a hook height of approx. 12 metres. The challenges which our colleagues had to overcome were the very narrow access route to the construction site and the fact that the necessary work had to be executed on a steep hill. The cranes had to be underpinned with additional timbers for this.

Project data

HESS Krane

Type of project:
Crane assignment

Art, entertainment and recreation

10 days

Machinery utilised:
50-ton crane, 80-ton crane, 100-ton crane

Point of assembly:

Our activities
  • Pre-assembly work and lifting the components

  • Assembly and lifting of the roof construction