InduPac Export Packaging

Export Packaging

Expertise in packaging

As a globally operating machine transporter, our complete services include the safe and reliable packaging of the goods you wish to transport. This is handled by our subsidiary that specialises in export packaging – InduPac Küppers Verpackungs GmbH –from measuring and managing the packaging materials to expert packing of the goods.

So you can rely on all your goods for transport, regardless of their size and weight, being precisely packed in accordance with the applicable standards for land,air and sea transport – either on site at the point of assembly or in our packaging ad heavy goods warehouse in Düsseldorf.

Our services at a glance
  • PE/VCI packaging

  • Wooden packaging

  • Aluminium composite film packaging

  • Containerisation

  • Consultancy and planning

  • Conserving

  • Heavy goods packaging

n our role as a service provider in the logistics industry, we are committed to protecting your goods and ensuring smooth shipping.