Installing a press

Setting up a new machine

We decided to rely on our wide range of assembly equipment for this project in order to guarantee our customer the fastest possible press installation. The challenge we were faced with in this case was to implement the internal transport as well as the machinery installation within 3 days.

Unloading the HGVs was taken on by two mobile cranes from Hess Krane. The subsequent transverse transport to the set-up location was assumed by our esteemed colleagues from the machinery transport division and they executed this by means of a hydraulic heavy-duty roller. The erection and final positioning of the 70-ton press was again executed by a hydraulic gantry before a Pick&Carry crane was utilised for the additional installation work.

Project data

Machine transport

Type of project:
Heavy duty assembly


3 days

Machinery utilised:
Hydraulic heavy-duty roller, hydraulic gantry, Pick&Carry crane, mobile crane

Point of assembly:

Our activities
  • In-plant transport

  • Industrial assembly work