Installing a steam turbine

Our company is regularly deployed within the context of large modernisation projects, whereby our exceedingly wide range of operating equipment always proves its worth. This was also true in this case, where we were requested to supported an Italian mechanical engineering company from the energy sector on a project in Germany.

Our order comprised of the installation of a steam turbine with individual unit weights of up to 50 tons within the framework of a new power plant construction project. The heavy-duty transport vehicles were unloaded directly at the construction site of the new chemical plant using a 350-ton mobile crane. The second step of the project included our team utilising a hydraulic mast for the final lifting procedure and positioning the heavy parts with millimetre precision.

In addition to the mobile cranes utilised, with lifting capacities of 50 to 350 tons and the hydraulic mast, additional smaller lifting equipment and various assembly equipment were used at the point of assembly.

Project data

Machine assembly

Type of project:
Heavy duty assembly

Chemical Industry

4 weeks

Machinery utilised:
Telescopic fork-lift truck, 380-ton hydraulic gantry, 50-ton to 350-ton mobile cranes

Point of assembly:

Our activities
  • Assembly work

  • On-site heavy-duty transport

  • Crane operations