Aircraft packaging for overseas transport

A Cessna goes on a trip…

Some companies transport with an aircraft and some others transport aircraft. We actually like to do both things! In the case in question, we assumed the export packaging and pre-carriage transport of a dismantled aircraft which was destined for the USA.

The sea freight packaging for the Cessna parts was professionally executed by the colleagues from the Hess Packaging Department. The extremely delicate parts of the disassembled aircraft had to be handled with absolute sensitivity, moved and subsequently placed on the prepared crate bases. The wings and fuselage parts were padded or lined with Polylam panels so that everything could lie flat for transport.

In the case of the fuselage part, one of our suppliers supplied a special design so that it could be professionally moved and fixed in the crate by utilising an adapted metal frame.

Special overnight transport had to be arranged for the 2 largest crates due to the excess width. Road transport to the port of export was handled by our colleagues from Hess Logistics.

Project data

Export packaging

Type of project:
Export packaging


1 week

Machinery utilised:
Various assembly equipment, fork-lift truck, HGV, custom-made metal aircraft substructure for placing it in the crate / sloping loader for delivery

Point of assembly:
Germany / USA

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